Canine Estates

Florida | Founded 1992

Canine Estates, Inc. is dedicated to saving the lives of abandoned, abused and injured dogs primarily from high kill shelters. We rehabilitate them, have them vaccinated, spayed or neutered. Our vision is to find loving homes for each dog.

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Big Dog Ranch Rescue

Florida | Founded 1996

Big Dog Ranch Rescue is a leader in the national animal welfare movement, through compassionate, innovative rescue practices and transformative educational programs. Our goal is to give the gift of life to as many dogs as humanly possible, enrich the lives of those who adopt them, and in doing so, help create a better world.

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Tunica Humane Society

MS | Founded 2008

In August of 2008, we went from 6 cages where dogs were kept before being disposed of, to the No Kill Shelter it is today. Thanks to the great determination of a group of women who set out to change how animals were handled, Tunica Humane Society was born. The Tunica Humane Society desires to improve the quality of life for all animals in Tunica County by aggressively pursuing a high quality, low cost spay-neuter program.  We are dedicated to saving the lives of all animals who are endangered, neglected, abandoned or abused.  It is our hearts desire to see Tunica become a "NO KILL" model community in a world where over 5 million dogs and cats are destroyed every year simply because they are considered "disposable".

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Hope For Life Rescue

Virginia Beach, VA | Founded 2002

At Hope for Life, we are a PRO-LIFE organization committed to the rescue and placement of abandoned, abused, neglected and left behind street animals. Because we are a street rescue, we often see abused and severely neglected animals. It is not our normal practice to take owner release animals unless they are being abused or neglected.

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Paws 4 A Cure

Wakefield, MA | Founded 2008

The mission of Paws 4 A Cure is to provide financial assistance to qualified families throughout the United States who cannot afford veterinary care for their beloved furry family members without our help. The organization was created in loving memory of the founders Chow Chow, Nikko that went to the Rainbow Bridge on April 2, 2007 after bravely battling cancer. Nikko inspired her to form a group of like-minded individuals to assist other animals in need of veterinary care when their parents can not afford treatment.

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Canines 4 Christ

Florida | Founded 2007

Canines for Christ is a Christian-based, animal-assisted therapy ministry that uses ordinary people and their beloved dogs to share God's message of love, hope, kindness, and compassion to the community. Our mission is letting Christ's love shine through us and our canines as His disciples when we visit people who need love, hope and compassion that only God's message can provide. And we want them to know that God loves them.

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Schnauzer Love Rescue

Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina

Devoted to finding homes for all Miniature Schnauzers. We help abandoned and unwanted dogs and those whose families need to relinquish their pet. We take great pride in our "Family Match Program" where we place available pets with the family that matches that pet the best. Sometimes it takes more time, more travel, and more work, but it's worth it in the end for the pet and new owner! Currently we have 46 wonderful foster homes within the 6 state area to handle the steady flow of minis needing new homes. We are always happy to provide references of satisfied owners.

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Humane Society of Pinellas

Clearwater, FL | Founded 1949

To strengthen the bonds between pets and people by offering an enriching environment for our animals, providing learning opportunities for our community, and matching the right animal to the right forever home.

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Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay

Tampa, FL | Founded 2003

Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay rescues, rehabilitates, and rehomes as many Dalmatians and Dalmatian-mixes in Florida shelters as possible that need our help. Our first and main priority is to take the Dalmatians and Dalmatian-mixes who are facing euthanasia at high-kill facilities. If resources permit, we also help Dalmatians in surrounding states.

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Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida

Florida | Founded 2000

Our goal is to place our Labradors with loving families in safe, permanent homes. Prior to an adoption, we consider the history, temperament, personality, and energy level of the rescued Labrador. The placement process includes a written application and a home visit of the potential adopter. LRRoF, Inc. is committed to making a lifelong match for of all our adopted Labradors.

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Florida Cocker Spaniel Rescue

Florida | Founded 1997

We are dedicated to reducing homeless and abandoned cocker spaniels from shelters and from desperate owner surrenders that can no longer care for their pet. We do so by working with committed volunteers, foster homes, and local veterinarians. We are able to rescue cockers in need and provide them with loving temporary care, while we find them a well matched and screen “furever home

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Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida

FL, GA, TN | Founded 2002

We are committed to saving Boston Terriers who are lost, abandoned or surrendered in Florida and the Southeast United States, regardless of age, health or adoptability. Our goal is to nourish each Boston Terrier back to emotional and physical health, providing necessary medical care along with an environment that fosters trust and alleviates fear.

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Humane Education Connection

FL | Founded 2011

The Humane Education Connection is a non-profit organization that strives to reduce the abuse of children and animals through educational programs that utilize the powerful connection of the Human-Animal bond. We are a Human and Animal abuse intervention, youth development program that works with children who have been the victim or witnessed violence, neglect and abuse; and who now reside in SAFE HOUSE SHELTERS and other facilities.

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PAWS Humane

GA | Founded 2008

PAWS Humane is a nonprofit organization in partnership with the City of Columbus, GA to enhance and supplement the services offered by Animal Care and Control, reduce the need for euthanasia of homeless animals because of severe pet overpopulation, and bring people and animals together through adoption and fostering programs. We are People Helping Animals, Animals Helping People.

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Izzy's Place Senior Dog Rescue

CO | Founded 2010

Izzy's Place Senior Dog Rescue (IPSDR) is a non-profit 501(c)3, no-kill rescue group based out of Loveland, Colorado. We save abandoned, unwanted, and homeless senior dogs of all breeds and mixes. We are not a shelter. Each dog we rescue is placed in an approved foster home, where they remain until they're adopted—no matter how long it takes for the right family to come along. And if that doesn't happen, they live out the rest of their lives with their foster families. We give our seniors the best, which sometimes means we pay from our own pockets. We accept dogs who have cancer or other diseases. We also accept dogs who have tested positive for heart worms.

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Hearts 4 Paws

UT | Founded 2014

Hearts 4 Paws is a non-profit organization run by volunteers whose shared goal is to rescue, provide sanctuary, and ultimately to re-home abandoned, stray, and neglected animals. We never discriminate on the basis of health, age, or breed. By involving and educating the community, we work to raise the public’s awareness of the plight of homeless animals as well as realizing the benefits of adopting an animal in need. Our animals are examined, vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and receive any and all medical treatment before they are placed in carefully screened homes. Hearts 4 Paws is a 501(c) nonprofit organization.

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Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary

AZ | Founded 2013

The vision for Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary was born out of noticing the large number of discarded older dogs and cats. The hope was to fill a void for the senior animals who had been discarded or had lost their humans, the ones more difficult to place, the ones not as "adoptable" and the simply forgotten souls. These seniors deserve to live out their last few years, months, weeks, and yes, sometimes even days with dignity knowing they are loved.

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Talulah's House

CO | Founded 2013

Talulah’s House is a sanctuary for senior puppy mill survivors. Established in memory of my sweet Talulah Belle; a beautiful little Maltese who was born into a life of servitude inside a horrible hoarding situation - a puppy mill if you will. Talulah spent 8 years in that mill, cranking out babies for profit and living in pure misery. When rescued, Talulah was heart worm positive, had a possible heart condition, pulmonary hypertension, degenerative mitral valve disease, and had lost many teeth. Despite her medical conditions and all the painful treatments she endured, she was quirky, shy, gentle and the sweetest little dog ever. We only had Talulah for 10 short months, but we like to think they were the best part of her life....

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Victory Service Dogs

CO | Founded 2015

Many organizations require a lengthy application and approval process, have waiting lists, and costs range from 10,00.00 to 35,000.00 for a fully trained service dog. If the client is accepted into the program, they usually do not have a choice of the dog they receive, and are not involved in the training. We rescue and adopt shelter dogs for our program. We stand apart from many other organizations because our clients are involved in every aspect of the program, including the selection and training of their dog. Once each dog is thoroughly screened for the attributes needed in order to be trained for service tasks, the adoption takes place right away. Client and canine are a team, and go through the entire training process together.

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Kindness Matters Ferret Rescue

GA | Founded 2013

Headquartered in Georgia, this rescue takes in ferrets in Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina no matter what the situation.  These ferrets come from all backgrounds: abandoned by owners, homeless and wondering the streets, or surrendered due to extreme medical issues. This beautiful rescue is dedicated to helping these amazing creatures get all the love and affection they deserve. As you can imagine, feeding and caring for these babies is quite a heavy expense.  Between the medical expenses and feeding the colony, the cost can be hundreds and even thousands depending on the situation.

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Traci's Paws

CA | Founded 2013

"Saving the World, One Animal at a Time!”- Traci’s Paws, Inc. Traci Wilkerson Steckel, a native Texan, has had a love for animals from the day she was born. Living out in the country of a small Texas town, her family experienced many discarded pets “dumped” onto their property.  Wilkerson grew up taking in these pets as her own, as she did with many animals throughout her adulthood that were given to her by friends, her vet, and colleagues. The passion for saving these pets’ lives gave her the initiative to do something on a higher level for pets across the country. What began as a simple Facebook Page to share pets that were on borrowed time in shelters and rescues, Traci's Paws grew into something greater; an incorporated, 501c3, non-profit organization based in San Diego, CA. Traci’s Paws, Inc. is dedicated to saving animals’ lives, by assisting animal rescue groups to increase their adoption success rates and by providing educational services to the public.

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Leon County Humane Society

FL | Founded 1960

The Leon County Humane Society has been a trusted voice for pets and people for over 50 years. We are Tallahassee's largest no kill, non-profit animal welfare organization dedicated to saving Tallahassee's homeless pets by educating our community about responsible pet ownership and reducing pet overpopulation through programs like spay/Neuter, Rescue Ride, and Pet Food Pantry. We work closely with other animal welfare agencies in the community and transfer animals in from other shelters that euthanize for space. Each year, LCHS adopts out over 500 animals and provides spay/neuter assistance for many more. Our dedicated Board of Directors, advisors, staff, and over 600 volunteers work tirelessly to socialize and provide companionship to all of our animals.

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Humane Educational Society - Chattanooga

TN | Founded 1972
Current Rescue of the Month

The Humane Educational Society was in incorporated in 1910 by Ethel Hardy who was known for picking up stray cats and dogs while driving her carriage through the streets of Chattanooga. Since then, we have grown to serve Hamilton County and take in 4,000-5,000 homeless pets each year. We are an open-door facility to residents of our service area and provide shelter and care for homeless pets, adoption services, animal protection, cruelty investigation and pet licenses.  HES is committed to finding each and every treatable, adoptable and trainable animal in our facility a loving home and making Hamilton County a better place for pets. Our mission at HES is to provide a safe haven for homeless, abused and neglected animals in our community and advocate on their behalf.

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Boston Terrier Rescue of North Texas

TX | Founded 2005

The Boston Terrier Rescue of North Texas began in the late 1980's when it became evident that there was a need to help Bostons in need. Thus, the humble beginnings of the Boston Terrier Rescue of North Texas. Calls poured in weekly from pounds and individuals about Bostons of all sizes, ages, shapes and colors needing homes. Rescue of today is one that is dedicated to educating the general public about making good choices when selecting a breed and, secondly, the right Boston for their situation. Over 1,000 Boston Terriers have been successfully adopted to loving homes since we began. It is through hard work and dedication to this very active and amusing breed that this organization can contribute its successes. "Thank you" to all of you who believe in recycling love.

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Rottweiler Hearts Rescue

NC | Founded 2012

Rottweiler Hearts Rescue is run entirely by volunteers. Every penny raised goes back to caring for the dogs in our care. Our volunteers contribute their personal time, energy, and resources purely out of love and devotion to saving these wonderful dogs. Most of the dogs we take in are from "kill-shelters". These are county run animal shelters that must take in every dog brought to them, either as a stray or owner surrender, and thus must euthanize to make space for the never-ending influx of animals. Most times these dogs have a very limited time frame before they are euthanized, so we often have a matter of just days to save each dog. Rottweiler Hearts Rescue (RHR) is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of Rottweilers, placing them in safe and loving homes, and educating the public on the Rottweiler breed, and responsible pet ownership.

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Orlando Bully Rescue

FL | Founded 2008

Orlando Bully Rescue, Inc. mission aims to revive the positive image of breeds commonly referred to as pit bulls and other bully breed type dogs through promoting responsible dog ownership, education, advocacy, and challenging unfair legislation while continuing to facilitate, rescue, and place dogs in need. Orlando Bully Rescue, Inc (OBR) envisions a world where these unjustly criticized dogs share homes with kind, loving, and competent families, while their reputation is being restored and preserved. OBR does not discriminate based on age or health status because we believe every dog should have a chance at a good life. We are passionate advocates for the prevention of animal overpopulation, the direct result of uncontrolled breeding.

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American Boston Terrier Rescue & Rehabilitation

TX | Founded 2002

We are an all-volunteer, non-profit group dedicated to the health and well-being of all Senior and Special Needs Boston Terriers. Our mission and main objective is to rescue and rehabilitate homeless Boston Terriers. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every Senior and Special Needs Boston Terrier has the chance to live the life they deserve. We are a small, dedicated group of Boston Terrier-loving volunteers based in North Texas who stay busy rescuing, training, rehabilitating, transporting, vetting, coordinating and fundraising - all for the love of our chosen breed, the Boston Terrier.

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Please nominate your favorite local level rescue operation and tell us what heroic means they go to in order to help animals in need. We will highlight a different charity monthly to help increase exposure to their fight to save the lives of the four legged we cherish.