Leon County Humane Society

FL | Founded 1960

Their Mission: 

What started as an animal intake shelter in 1960, is now a rescue group for homeless and neglected animals to the tune of almost 700 animals taken in annually.  Although resources are scarce, the need for help is great.  As with most successful outcomes in life, it takes a village...Lisa has a team of six but with the number of animals they deal with annually, they have had to mobilize a fairly large group of volunteers to help.  Backed by a very supportive board of directors, Lisa and her team work hard to Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Educate.  The end goal is to foster a kinder community for people and their pets.

How they'll use the money:

Lisa, her volunteers, and her team of 6 believes it is very important to teach our future generations to love and respect animals and in particular, learn to understand the importance of spaying/neutering, adoption, and the proper care at every stage of an animals’ life. While rescue work is often emotionally challenging and at times heartbreaking, the impact made on individual lives combined with the love of doing what they do, makes it all worthwhile. The phones never stop ringing and the emails never stop coming. But on a positive note, Tallahassee’s strong and diverse nonprofit network provides great potential for the community. Unfortunately, it also makes for steady competition of much needed funding.