Highlighted rescue: Canine Estates

Their Mission: 

Their mission and main objectives: We are dedicated to saving the lives of abandoned, abused and injured dogs primarily from high kill shelters.  It is our mission to provide shelter to unwanted animals; to furnish medical and other services for the care of companion animals; to care for, protect, and find quality homes for neglected animals; to advocate animal welfare to further the bond between people and animals, for the mutual benefit of both.


How they'll use the money:

Rescuing any of these desperately deserving dogs requires a lot of investment. We rehabilitate them, have them vaccinated, spayed or neutered. Our vision is to find loving homes for each dog. When emotionally and physically healed we search for the right human companionship for each, ensuring a loving, permanent home. If loving homes are not found our animals will live their lives at our sanctuary and will never be unnecessarily euthanized.  Canine Estates, Inc. relies solely on the generosity of individuals.