Victory Service Dogs

I have long been a fan of any organization that makes helping our veterans and disabled Americans a priority in their lives. As far as I am concerned, we could never do enough to help the men and women who put country first above their own needs or desires. One such amazing organization that has created a program to help our veterans and people suffering from traumatic brain injury is Victory Service Dogs. They help veterans and disabled Americans achieve a full life of increased independence, purpose, and dignity through a partnership with a loving service companion. Victory Service Dogs believes our U.S. service members, veterans, and disabled Americans deserve to live lives of independence and dignity. For those who struggle with the effects of PTSD and other physical or psychological challenges, achieving that desired quality of life can be difficult and frustrating. 

Research has consistently proven that the bond between humans and canines is very powerful. Service dogs can greatly improve the quality of everyday life for individuals with disabilities. They enable veterans and active duty service members to cope with symptoms of PTSD, gain improved mobility, and provide a sense of well being.

Victory Service Dogs program stands apart from many other organizations because they strive to adopt shelter and rescue dogs for their program.


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