PAWS Humane - What an AMAZING organization!

After I initially met Casey Smith, Director of Marketing with PAWS Humane, at an animal welfare conference in July of this year, I had an opportunity to actually visit their facility located in Columbus, GA in September. I was blown away at the genuine energetic enthusiasm to rescue and save as many dogs, cat and critters as they possibly could. Having a heart to help abused and abandoned animals is a special calling to say the least. The staff at PAWS Humane takes that passionate heart for animal welfare to a whole new level. They are one of the largest Limited Admissions shelters in their region and work TIRELESSLY to enrich the lives of both animals and people as a solution-based community resource for animal welfare by providing high-volume and high quality spay/neuter, rescue and adoption services, volunteer opportunities, outreach, and education. PAWS Humane receives no federal, state or city government funding, and relies upon private support and contributions from concerned citizens.

PAWS Humane does many things to place the animals they rescue into good, loving homes. They participate in weekly off-site adoption events where they take dogs to events or businesses where potential adoptive parents would be. They also have a vision to get a program set up to take dogs to other shelters that don’t have the overwhelming dog population issue that Georgia has. These other shelters also specialize in dog behavior training and are willing to help with any dogs they are having problems with.

The only thing holding PAWS Humane back from doing more is getting set up with proper transportation for the dogs and cats they rescue. They currently are making due with two really old vans that, due to the age and mileage on them, causes the staff to fear any travel outside of a short distance will result in the vans breaking down. They are not willing to put the animals in potential danger should the vans break down during transport. Their goal is to secure a newer, larger van that would allow them to take more dogs and cats to adoption events AND be able to transport dogs to partnering shelters to take the more challenging and overflow dogs. A newer van would be a gift from heaven to say the least!!

So let’s help this amazing, kind hearted organization accomplish their goal of a newer van!! They have done their due diligence and have found an acceptable 2015 transit van at a cost of approximately $36,000. We at Pets 4 Christ would like to help PAWS Humane reach this worthy goal by donating the first $100 to the cause! In addition, we will MATCH the first $1,000 of YOUR donations! So start shopping now and when you checkout, choose PAWS Humane and 40% of your purchase will go towards their goal of a newer transport van by end of this year!

 Shop and save lives at the same time! Doesn’t get any better than that! God Bless!

Sherri Peterson
President & Founder
Pets 4 Christ


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