Favorite Rescue Story

In the comments, tell us your favorite rescue story! 
Did you rescue your pup or did your pup rescue you!
The best stories will receive the following:

1st Place: A $75 gift certificate to Petsmart or Petco
2nd Place: A $50 gift certificate to Petsmart or Petco
3rd Place: A $25 gift certificate to Petsmart or Petco
All winners will also receive the collar or harness and
matching pet tag of their choice from our website!

Winners will be announced by 8:00pm Sunday, January 15.


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Brianne Fish

I was only four weeks old, yet already set in my ways, when I decided not to take nutrition from my mother. My family became very concerned and sought help for me. We took a trip to Banfield Animal Hospital to find a new home. Although the nurses seemed excited with the news of the “adorable” and “so cute” puppy, policy spoke louder and turned us down. Feeling desperate, my family turned to a young lady who looked like she had a caring heart. She took one look at me and it was love at first sight. She agreed to find a forever home for me.

When we went to her house, I was surprised to find seven medium to large dogs already there! I don’t mind telling you, I was a bit nervous! But the sweet lady they called Caitlin, was a bit nervous too, because she had never bottle fed before and I could tell she was afraid that I might not survive. She taught me how to romp and play – and, get this, to howl!

After staying at her house a day or two, she took me to work with her. She had explained that with seven other dogs, there would be a better forever home where I would get lots of attention. Although I would miss her, I DO like attention!

At her work, everyone doted over me too! But Caitlin had someone special in mind, who loves animals. With one phone call, Brianne and her mom Marsha were there in a flash to see the “surprise” in the office. Oh, they “oohed and awed”, cuddled me, and said they were in love! I was truly in love with them and I somehow knew we would be together forever- and I was right! They named me Romeo, because I’m such a lover. I now have a little furry sister, named Juliet!

I wish my first family could know just how well I’m doing and happy I am with my family! I’m truly spoiled with all the attention, food, and friends that one doggie could ever ask for!!

Barb Sarver

Ruby and I first met one sunny Saturday morning in December 2012. I was on my way to Cedar Key for a planned weekend getaway with a few friends. From US19, I turned onto SR24 and civilization seemed to quickly fade away. I remember thinking this was one of the most desolate areas of Florida that I had ever seen.

I had driven about an hour when up ahead I saw what I at first thought might just be a skunk, but as I got closer I realized it was a small ragged dog. I slowed down and as I got even closer the dog just stood in the middle of the road looking at me. I stopped the car and got out, not knowing exactly what I was going to do about this situation. As I approached the dog she rolled over on her back and as I bent over to pick her up she licked my hand. I think it was at this moment that I started to fall in love with her.

I picked her up and walked to the edge of the road, thinking surely she belongs to someone. I looked beyond the road to see if there were any homes nearby, but could see nothing but trees and more trees. I then looked more closely at the dog and realized she was in really bad shape. I remember thinking that she must be a very old dog. Her fur was mostly grey, matted and filthy and she had bumps all over her, which I later learned were ticks.

I didn’t know what to do, but my conscience would not allow me to leave this poor creature on the road, so into the car she went. I continued on to Cedar Key thinking surly there would be an animal shelter or veterinarian in town, but I was wrong. The dog was in desperate need of medical care and more attention than I could provide. I ended up driving to the closest town that had any care available – Gainesville, which was about 2 hours east of Cedar Key. I surrendered her to a rescue group and left my name and contact number.

A few days later I received a call from Phoenix Animal Rescue in Gainesville. They explained that the dog was very ill. They removed more than 100 ticks from her body and she was suffering from a severe case of heartworms. They also told me that she was very young – a year at the most, which surprised me because I thought she was very old. They could not locate an owner and thought the dog was either dumped or had escaped from a puppy mill operation. They went on to educate me that the area is known for having a high number of puppy mill operations. They turn out puppies as fast as they can with little care for the adult dogs.

They told me that the dog had been placed into a foster home because she was too ill to be in a general shelter and that the foster mom had named her Ruby. I offered to adopt Ruby, but they cautioned me that to cure Ruby of heartworms would be time consuming, expensive and painful for the dog. They really wanted me to know what I was going to be getting myself into, but I didn’t hesitate at all. I had already fallen in love with Ruby from the moment I picked her up off of the road. Four years later, Ruby is doing great. Some say it was her lucky day, but I really think it was my lucky day.


There was once a household graced with Asta & Lily…Littermates, best of friends, loves of our lives. Nearly 11 years old, never complaining, Asta became ill and left for heaven. That was in November. Lily was wonderful, seeming to take it all in stride. All she wanted to do was give us comfort it seemed, but you knew she was as sad as us.

Not long after, the hurting began to subside because we somehow knew Asta was happy in her new place. And sending a powerful message to bring another dog home. So off went an application to Arizona Beagle Rescue, and a fortuitously timed adoption event just happened to be taking place at that time. Literally hundreds of precious dogs made their way to the show, to include some of the charges from AZ Beagle Rescue. There was Diana and it was love at first sight!

It wasn’t well known what 5-year-old Diana went through. She came from a high kill shelter hundreds of miles away, and for her a lifetime. She’d only been with her foster Mom for a couple of months before she came home to us. For all she must have been through before she was taken in so lovingly by AZBR, she was timid and nervous, but before long at all that all gave way to her happy goofy self. Did she really rescue us? Absolutely! As the saying goes, if only we could be as good as our loving 4-legged family members think we are! Flaws, warts and all~ they love us without condition!

Julie Schwarz

We found a “Lab/Golden Retriever” mix at Furry Kids Refuge. When we brought her home, she was sick with kennel cough. Once she got better, we quickly found out we adopted a little “crocodile”. After weeks of classes, and offers to put her to sleep, Furry Kids Refuge sent out another trainer; whom quickly identified that she is not just a Lab/golden mix, but a herding breed. With a lot of prayer she, (Ginger) stopped the severe puppy biting. Once the biting was stopped we needed to address the next problem, she has never wanted to eat her food and she would throw up nearly every morning. She was surgically diagnosed, that she has Inflammatory Bowel Disease. The LORD has definently had HIS hand on Ginger; Now she willingly eats twice a day, and in the past year has only thrown up twice. Through all this we also felt like the LORD has a purpose for her more than just a companion dog. HE has led us to Canines For Christ therapy dog ministry. Praise the LORD!


A friend of mine posted a photo of a small 2-year old morkie on facebook and said her parents were looking for someone to take her for free. Her mom was sick and had no longer been able to take care of the dog. She said she had been sleeping in a cage outside in the freezing cold because her mom’s illness was a lung disease and she couldn’t be around animals. I asked her if we could try the dog out for a night and see if she bonded with our family. We picked her up and she was a long haired matted mess. Her eyes were covered with long hair and her hair had huge clumps of knots all over it. Despite her messy appearance, she fractured us with her personality. She jumped to all of us and was running around with so much excitement. We all fell in love with her instantly. I told my friend we would take her, and we’ve had her for almost 3 years now! Her name is Chloe and not only did we change her life, she changed our lives and makes us smile every single day! I never knew the love of a dog until she came into our lives.

Dave Augustyniak

We found a lab online that we put on hold from Anderson Indiana Shelter. We went there to meet the dog, who turned out to be very wild dog and we lost interest in adopting the dog. We looked for other options and Nina saw a dog in a cage not yet named or marked for adoption. We ask if we could see the dog and we found out the dog was just brought in the same day we arrived. The dog was so loving and we made an immediate connection with her but we needed to wait for a 7 day period on new dogs to be adopted. We told them we wanted her and we named her Maddie. We picked her up on Christmas Eve 4 years ago this Christmas. She is a wonderful dog and an important part of out family and we love her dearly. We were so lucky to find such a wonderful pup and friend. I take her everywhere I go outside of work for she loves car rides and she sleeps with us in our bed every night. We are better off with her in our lives.


When I lost my westie at 15 1/2, my heart was broken. She was the most kind, gentle dog ever. I was so full of grief that I couldn’t even cry for the first week after her death. Then I could not stop crying. Everywhere I looked I was reminded of her. A few months later, a new westie entered my life. She rescued me by healing my broken heart. I still miss my first westie Weiser, but now it is Bella that loves on me like nobody’s business every time I walk thru the door. Even if it was just to step outside to get the mail! I am truly blessed!

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