The Journey Begins

And here we go....Wow, what a journey! And we are just getting started!

Who knew that just under two years ago, a search for a new harness for Bella that was an expression of faith, would turn into such an adventure. But God DID know and at every turn, He has opened every door that needed to be opened.

After working for years in the insurance industry (talk about a buzz kill occupation at a party), I felt a tap to get out. As a lifelong advocate for animals, I believed strongly that I should also get involved with helping animal rescue operations. Initially, I thought it might be a good idea to start my own rescue. There are so many animals in need of help! I quickly realized there were plenty of excellent rescues already in place. Why reinvent the wheel?!

It suddenly became clear to me what my direction was to be. Create a line of faith based dog items and create a way for people to express their faith through their beloved pets. Great idea, but I was a numbers gal having run my own insurance agency with an awesome business partner for years. I needed to find a partner that was a hard worker but also had the creative "gene" I was missing. The most talented person I knew, my niece Melissa, already had a great job. However, after some prayerful consideration, she agreed to partner with me to create the boutique style online store Pets 4 Christ is today.

Our goal is to work diligently to create a great product, completely faith based, and also be able to donate a portion of each purchase to animal rescues or faith based charities.

We invite every one of you to come along on this journey with us! Together we can dive into our mission to work with you to give you a great product AND to help many deserving rescues at the same time! We are constantly working on new fun and exciting products for you and your pet! We want to hear from you!

Help us make Pets 4 Christ a household name!


Sherri Peterson


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